New A-MECS ATS FULL COLOR model is developed to eliminate all stalks, Red-ends, brown particles and retention of Silver Tips.

The Sorting efficiency is accurate and have reliable results.

Also, Shape Sorting is available with newly developed advanced Technology and can separate different size/shape.

Full color Camera can identify any color or shade precisely even with the slightest color variation. Full Color model provide Excellent results for silver Tips.

High Resolution CCD Camera & Image Processing
High quality, high resolution CCD Camera(2048 Pixel) can scan 0.1 mm defects with Image Processing Program.
Simulation for Image Processing Method
  1. Making images of raw materials by high-speed scanner.
  2. Digitalize the scanned images.
  3. Set criterion of genuine and faulty raw materials.
  4. Based on the input criterion, the ejector will shoot the center part of the faulty raw materials to maximize the ejecting accuracy.
LED light source with over 50,000 hours of lifespan(semi permanent) gives stable and uniform Illumination for high performance throughout.