A-MECS has been specializing solely in Color Sorter business since it was established in 1993. With 22 years of experiences and know-how in this field, A-MECS has been contributing to food processing industries providing customers new sorting technology through GOLD series, MIDAS series, ATS Series,MX Series, ROYAL series and CRYSTAL series. Our continuous growth will last with customer's satisfaction.

With the slogan “Create World’s Premium Products with Faith” A-MECS is continuously growing cooperating with customers and agents around the globe. Thanks to our peoples’ effort and passion we are able to give better services and supports for customers. A-MECS takes pride in product quality as we won ‘Excellent Product Awards’ presented by Korean Standard Association.  

Factory of A-MECS is located in industrial complex in ANSAN, KOREA. It consists of R&D center, Quality Assurance & Control, Production Line and Laboratory. A-MECS engineers work for development of up-to-date system products by applying and acquiring the mechatronics technology through production of FA SYSTEM since it was established in 1993. Having know-how of developing Rice Processing Complex in local areas A-MECS has been growing both domestic and overseas market.

A-MECS is maintaining after service for customers using overseas networks in 31 countries. We offer customers quick and accurate services minimizing their production loss. Food products are tested in our laboratory. We get samples from customers and provide an application test so that customer can see the result before purchasing it. A-MECS gives right information about sorting capacity upon customer’s various requirements.