Tri-chromatic Full Color
Slightly different color could be identified and removed with precise accuracy.
Auto Dimming control system with LED
Optimum illumination control system with low power consumption LED and automatic adjusts by auto sensing for variation of LED brightness.
Easy control by touch screen
Up to customer’s sorting demand, easy adjust sensitivity of raw material on touch screen.
Image capture and setting
With SIMULATED Data, Customer can identify defects BY Image Capture. Similar Color sorting would be identified.
Remote access for monitoring
Customer can monitor operation status by Computer or Mobile phone. A-mecs also can monitor operation and give guidance to customer on real time basis.
Customer care by AMECS software
AMECS Software keep records of ejector's shooting, operation data etc and it could be applicable for better customer service.
NIR Technology (Optional)
By adopting NIR(Near Infrared), sorting out even transparent materials such as glass, resin, PET is possible.
Foreign materials : Plastic, glass, ceramic, stones