A-MECS Color Sorter is widely applicable for sorting a variety of grain and seed food products in food processing plants. Also it can be used in non-food industry such as recycling plastics. The Color Sorter is widely used in sorting rice, wheat, rye, pulses, sesame, millet, sunflowerseed, pumpkinseed and other kind of seed products.

We have applied CCD Camera on the Color Sorter which features accurate and precise lens and is able to detect bad materials in the most efficient way. Also we offer Near-infrared Camera optionally to customers who want to separate glasses and resin which sometimes remain in rice.


A-MECS Color Sorter removes defective materials of products by detecting the differences in color of bad products. You can get good products with high capacity in production using the Color Sorter which separates efficiently any other defective bad products such as discolored, affected, off-color, polluted, contaminated, unhulled grains.