• Easily accessible DIGITAL LCD TOUCH SCREEN with MICRO-PROCESSOR had been equipped.
  • MULTI-SORTER FUNCTION had been adopted which provides automatic of law material by the automatic color adjustment system.
  • Custom-Made Chutes will be provided depending on the characteristics of law materials of the user.
  • The surface of the chute is specially coated and heater attached to less the dispersion of law material regardless of surroundig temperatures that could possilbly occur by the friction when the raw material slides down. This special chute will definitely maximize the productivity and will increase the profit of the user.
Application of a NEW Concept of Light
Source (LED)
this is another pride of us and is newly introduced to the world by us only. For the MIDAS PLUS PLUS SERIES, a sensationally advanced light resource has been applied which is called LED(Light Emitting Diode) light source. It will provide:
1) Satisfactory sorting results by stable intensity of illumination
2) Over 50,000 hours (Semi-pemanent) of life period (No need to replace them periodically like the exsition types-ex:fluorescent lamps)
3) Realization of Various light colors
4) Free form the affects of the surrounding temperatues that used to cause the trouble of light brightness.