The pre-existing concept of sorting is called "Pin point" method which CCD sensor detects the fault by scanning the materials in cross-way only. However, for the ROYAL Series, we have proudly applied the most up-to-dated technology called "IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD". The advantage of this method is that it creates actual images of the raw materials by scanning both cross and vertical ways. Based on the actual images scanned by the CCD Camera, it will accordingly analyze and discriminate the defects in the most accurate way that has been ever existed.
Simulation for Image Processing Methods
1. Making images of raw material by high-speed scanner.
2. Digitalize the made (scanned) images.
3. Sets criterion of genuine and faulty raw materials.
4. Based on the inputted criterion, the ejector will aim the center part of the faulty raw material to maximize the ejecting accuracy.

Special Coated 64channeled Flat Chutes
The surface of the chute is specially coated to less the dispersion of raw material that could possibly occur by the friction when the raw material slides down the chutes. This special chute will definitely maximize the productivity and will increase the profit of the users.

10.4 inch Sized TFT-LCD Touch Screen with Microsoft Windows CE Platform
The platform are designed to use for internal system(Embedded System) with 10.4" Color TFT LCD (640 x 480) and touch screen interface. Various functions are applied such as 10/100T Ethernet, serial(Rs232/422), Parallel, SB Host/Device and Audio. Basically, this platform can provide every interfaces that may provide from the current existing PC board may provide.

Application of a 'NEW CONCEPT' of Light Source, "LED TECHNOLOGY"
This is another pride of us and is a newly introduced to the world by us. For the ROYAL Series, a sensationally advanced light resource has been applied which is called LED(LIGHT EMITTING DIODE) Light Source. It will provide; 1) Satisfactory sorting results by stable intensity of illumination 2) Over 50,000 hours(semi permanent) of life period and no need to replace them periodically like the currently existing type (ex: fluorescent lamp / tube lights) 3) Realization of various light colors (any kind of color can be realized) 4) Free from the affects of the surrounding temperatures that used to cause the trouble of light brightness.

NIR Technology (optional)
By adoption of NIR (Near Infra-red), sorting out even transparent materials such as glass, resin and PET is possible.

Full color tri-chromatic technology

Full color Camera can identify any color or shade precisely even with the slightest color variation based on Tri-chromatic Technology.

With A-Mecs Technology,High Tech Full color camera serve optimum algorism based on accumulated big data and recognize shape differences in addition to color. Different Size.Shape etc. can be identified by this High Tech Camera using high resolution optical sensor and image processing technology can give best sorting results.

NIR technology
By adopting NIR(Near Infrared), sorting out even transparent materials such as glass, resin, PET is possible.(Optional)
Foreign materials : Plastic, glass, ceramic, stones